10 ideas to photograph Paris in autumn

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Don't be put off by the cold, the occasional rain, and the days that are starting to get shorter. Take advantage of these autumn months to explore Paris with your camera and let yourself be invaded by the colors, the textures of the falling leaves and the reflections of the water. In this guide we leave you 10 curious photographic ideas to lift your spirits with photo-chrome-therapy.

It is autumn, to photograph the fallen leaves

Wherever you go you will find more than one reason in the leaves to experiment with your camera. Try large planes with leaf mattresses as the center of composition, or try isolating a leaf that you particularly like to bring you in the foreground.

Jardín de las Tullerías en otoño París

Zoom in!

You can try to get low to the ground for colorful photos, but also try zooming in on the leaves and fruit hanging from the trees and use the remaining leaves for a wonderful bokeh. Also take out your macro to photograph the small animals, spider webs, and take advantage of that wonderful autumn light.

hojas en el Palais Royal París

Animal photography

That you don't dare to look for spiders on the Coulée Verte, walking through Paris you will find more than one animal ready to make you a model and give you a great photograph. Pigeons are everywhere and fallen leaves too; to you from looking for the moment to catch an unprepared group. Otherwise, visit the parks and gardens where there are swans, ducks, or why not, a visit to the Ménagerie del Jardin de Plantes.

palomas en otoño

Use background colors

If you like stone and bronze bodies more, why not use the colors of the trees to photograph sculptures? Try a stroll around the side ponds of the Tuileries or the sculptures in the Luxembourg Garden.

escultura Jardín de las Tullerías

Photograph the reflections of the water

And yes, in autumn the rain is always on the lookout. The good thing is that it alternates with episodes of sun that will give you more than one occasion to take advantage of the reflections. Try to photograph the Eiffel Tower or capture the architecture of Paris through the puddles that you will jump over as you walk.

reflejos agua París otoño

Reflection for abstract photographs

But also, try using water so that the tones and contrasts open up a world of compositions where you can explore abstract photography, in your own way.

fotografía abstracta opera garnier París

It's the time for portraits

Fall is definitely a great time to do portrait photography in Paris. Not only is everything tinted in warm colours, but the light has lost that blinding force of the summer months. As before, look for coloured backgrounds, take advantage of the slightly overcast days and don't hesitate to use the last hours of sunshine for backlit portraits.

Unusual portraits

If you have an artistic streak, try using the fallen leaves, the textures of the ground, the bark of the trees to make compositions according to your aesthetic line.

retrato inusual en París

Street photography

The coming fall leaves the picnic time behind and opens the doors to the hectic pace after the holidays.

trabajos en la rue Saint Jacques París


bokeh jardin de las Tullerias otoño en París

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