4 ideas for photographing Paris in a gray day

You woke up this morning and the sky is completely gray? It does not even have a minimum of clouds, not even a melancolic fog?

Gray days are frequent in Paris in all seasons. Here we leave you some tips to photograph Paris so you will not miss the sun.

Pont des Arts

Urban Landscape

While photographing Paris try to avoid giving so much importance to the sky. In your compositions place the horizon upwards or try some high angle shots. Search for interesting urban elements for your foreground.


A gray sky has one very big benefit when taking photo outdoors: diffuse light will help you get stunning portraits. Walking around Paris you will discover that beyond the gray tones, a great number of parisian façades and commerces have colours that you could use for lighting up your urban portraits. Also, nature can help you get beautiful shots, so why not visiting one of Paris most impressive parks? We will particularly recomend the Buttes Chaumont or the Montsouris parks for their irregular geography.


Abstract photography

Another strategy that could help you run away from gray skies is concentrating in detail and abstract photography. Architecture, bridges, water, decorations can be very good subjects to get a nice series of photos in Paris by exploring composition. A walk in the Seine river, the Louvre, a visit to the Institut du Monde Arabe or a visit to some contemporary buildings as the new Fondation Louis Vuitton can be very interesting. Also, the Eiffel Tower looks quite great for this high contrast sky.

Galerie Lafayette

Soft natural light spaces

Finally, finding yourself having to photograph Paris in a gray day might be a great opportunity to get some images from the inside: museums, metro, catacombs… All these are also convenient routes to do if raining. Check our post about it!

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