4 ideas to get a unique series of photos of Paris

If you have decided to come to Paris you will probably take some spectacular photos as there is no more photogenic city than the city of lights. However, you may want to enjoy discovering Paris in its details and bring a great surprise back home. Here you will find some tips to create a series of photos that will be perfect and unique as gifts. There are many options you can check in our blog.

Lampe Opera Garnier

1.Make a collection of a particular thing in the city

Beyond doing photos with the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, and other traditional emplacements, create a series of images of unusual things of Paris and keep always the same theme: doors, windows, sculptures, Paris in movies, Paris in music, etc.

Square Louvois

2. Follow a unusual path

Get lost in the city and life a unexpected journey, a unknown park, a different avenue, something especial that goes with who you are and that will make you discover Paris in your own way. Surprise your friends with some insolit Paris images.

Institut du Monde Arabe

3. Let you be carried out by abstract photography

Forget about the big photo of the Eiffel tower and think about it’s geometry. Look in detail some of La Défense’s Skyscrapers. Let you be seduced by the reflections in water in the Seine river. Work with your bokeh and your blur options. Paris has many ideal places for abstract and artistic photography.

Pont des Arts

4. Foreground

Paris is like a little jewel where every object is decorated with ornamental and carefully made details. Try to use your macro lenses or a large aperture to shooting these curious elements. Let the background show the general ambiance.

Now, it’s all about printing your photos. If you want to do it in Paris, check our list of top adresses for doing it.

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